Grand County High School received two state honors this year: The Sportsmanship Star and The Director’s Cup.

“GCHS is pleased to receive the two honors of the sportsmanship award for being the best school in Region XV last year, as well as the Director’s Cup,” said vice-principal Ron Dolphin. “Grand received top sportsmanship honors for the winter and spring season, as well as achieving the overall winner.”

Dophin credits the Utah High School Activities Association’s (UHSAA) sportsmanship initiative “Raise the Bar” program, which focuses on building character through teaching, enforcing, awarding and modeling appropriate and ethical behavior.

“Grand has worked hard and efficiently to produce a positive sportsmanship climate in the school and community over the last four years,” Dolphin said.

The Director’s Cup was established by the Utah Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (UIAAA) to recognize schools that have strong student athletes.

Dolphin was the president-elect of the UIAAA during the inaugural year for the cup. Each year slight changes were made to enhance the significance and importance of the cup.

The Director’s Cup is based on three components: how the school finishes in state competitions; the combined GPA for each program that competes at state competitions; and the UHSSA sportsmanship initiative.

During the 2012/13 school year, Grand County High School had 14 sports teams compete at state, including: boys’ golf, cross-country track, football, girls’ soccer, girls’ tennis, volleyball, drill, wrestling, baseball, softball, boys’ soccer, track, girls’ golf and boys’ tennis.

“This is the first year for Grand to receive the coveted cup as being the best school in the 2A with the components listed above,” Dolphin said. “I believe this is the highest award a school can receive because it factors performance, academic performance and sportsmanship.”

Principal Steve Hren recognized that Director’s Cup recognizes the entire community.

“Winning the director’s cup is a great honor and a tribute to our teachers, students, parents, guardians and community,” Hren said.