Herb Mott, 89, has been a commercial artist most of his life. His painting was chosen for “Expressions of the Heart” 2014 calendar. [Courtesy photo]

Herb Mott, a resident at Canyonlands Care Center, will have one of his paintings used in the “Expressions from the Heart” 2014 calendar created and distributed by the Utah Health Care Association (UHCA).

Mott was nominated to be included in the calendar by Nicole Shumway, the activities director at Canyonlands Care Center. Mott will be turning 90 year old in November.

Mott has been a commercial artist most of his life. Many of his pen and ink drawings were used in pulp magazines. He was known for 52 cover paintings used for Railroad Magazine between 1949 and 1954. He also painted interior story illustrations for men’s adventure magazines and illustrated books.

He created over 50 historic paintings for the Air Force art collection, produced a series of paintings about the Civil War for the Vicksburg Battlefield Museum, and series of historic paintings for the U.S. Coast Guard.

In his 80s he created a series of paintings about railroad depots.