Partners in proceeds

WabiSabi awarded $18,772.41 to its 13 Nonprofit Partners on Monday, Aug. 19 for the first half of 2013. Money granted comes from proceeds from WabiSabi’s two thrift stores in Moab. The money is divided by votes from donors and shoppers who choose which non-profit to support. Included in photo from left to right are: Rhiana Medina, Moab Valley Multicultural Center; Mel Gilles, WabiSabi; Cora Shonie, Native American Club; Laurie Collins, Moab Arts and Recreation Center; Stephanie Dahlstom, BEACON; Jody Ellis, RSVP; Emily Niehaus, Community Rebuilds; Jaylyn Hawks, Seekhaven; Abby Scott, Canyonlands Community Recycling; Debra Officer, Family Support Center; Dannette Johnson, Moab Free Health Clinic; Pete Kaufman, Moab Valley Humane Society; and Erin Trim, Youth Garden Project. [Courtesy photo]