12 peaks, one day

Max Forgensi with mountains ahead on an all-day hike across the La Sal Mountains. Forgensi and Eric Trenbeath began their transverse of the La Sal Mountains in Lackey Basin at 6 a.m., then went up and over South Mountain to La Sal Pass. The two gained the high ridge between Mount Tukinikivatz and Mount Peale, traversed it over the summits of Mount Laurel and Mount Mellenthin to Geyser Pass. Then they went over Mann’s, Pilot, Wass, Castle and La Sal Peak to descend 2200 feet of loose scree into Bachelor Basin and then out Willow Basin to the road. They hiked 22 miles and gained 11,000 vertical feet during their 14.5-hour hike. [Photo courtesy / Eric Trenbeath]