Timothy “TJ” Brewer, 33, was released from the San Juan County Jail on Monday, July 15, upon orders from Judge Lyle Anderson of the Seventh District Court.

Brewer was arrested shortly after midnight, Friday, July 12 after an altercation that “domestic violence related” according to a press release from the Moab City Police Department.

He was transported to the San Juan County Jail and was booked on one account of attempted murder, one count of aggravated assault, two counts of domestic violence in front a child, one count of assault on a police officer, one count of intoxication and one count of disorderly conduct.

Corky Brewer was taken to Moab Regional Hospital late Thursday night. He was then sent to a hospital in Grand Junction, Colo., for treatment.

“He was transported to Grand Junction in stable condition,” said Tracy Harris of Moab Regional Hospital.

The nature of Corky Brewer’s injuries have not been released to the public. He has since been released from the Grand Junction hospital.

As of this time, there are no charges filed against Timothy Brewer.

Sgt. Erik Knutzen of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office investigation’s unit said that his office will be conducting the investigation related to the incident.

“They will present whatever evidence they find to the Attorney General,” said Paul Murphy, the information officer for the State Attorney General. “They will screen the case with the office.”

Timothy Brewer’s release is contingent upon the conditions that he have no contact with his wife, his father Corky Brewer, or any indirect contact or contact through third parties.

He is also not allowed to have any alcohol consumption. Any visitation with children will be supervised.

According to the order releasing Brewer, he will reside with a family member in Ferron.

The family expressed appreciation for the concern and support shown by the Moab community.

“Please don’t jump to conclusions and please continue to be supportive to allow the family to heal,” said Doricca Brewer, an aunt of Timothy Brewer.