Local musicians are coming together to create performances that benefit local nonprofit organizations through Music for a Cause. The first performance will be July 15 at Moab Backyard's Theater on 100 South. [Photo by Jason Mecham / Courtesy Music for a Cause]

A group of musicians talked about their love for music and their love for Moab after a jam session at The Blu Pig. By the end of the discussion, Music for a Cause, was born.

The monthly charity benefit series will benefit local nonprofits.

“We started talking about how we could help the community with our music,” said musician Scott Ibex. “All the musicians are very excited to participate in a monthly event that will benefit the community of Moab.”

The first concert will support the Moab Tool Shed.

“Each event that we run will benefit a local charity or community cause,” Ibex said.

On Monday, July 15, Ibex will be joined by Ryan Barnum on drums and Jim Lyman on bass guitar for a performance at Moab Backyard’s Theater on 100 South.

“We’re going to take some of my instrumental music and enhance it in a full exciting musical soundscape,” Ibex said. “It should be a thrill to perform live with these two musicians.”

Amanda Hoffman, a singer and songwriter, will be lending her voice.

“She’s a wonderful singer,” Ibex said.

Jenna Talbot and Emily Ahrendt will be performing original duets.

“Their vocal harmonies are unique and special,” Ibex said.

Then there will be Wade Plafkin on banjo and Sarah Lininger singing.

“Donations will be accepted at the door,” Ibex said. “We hope people will come with a giving spirit because all proceeds will go to the Moab Tool Shed and a small portion to Moab’s Backyard Theater. Both are great Moab causes.”

Money donated for the Moab Tool Shed will be used to purchase new tools, “which the community and freely rent on loan, much like the library,” Ibex said.

The Moab Tool Shed was opened at the Moab Valley Multicultural Center in April.

“There are now dozens of tool lending libraries across the country providing community access to this great form of enrichment and empowerment and environmental stewardship,” said Moab Tool Shed organizer Paige Stuart.

The Tool Shed is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. each Saturday. Eventually it will also be open on one weekday evening. It is gradually getting an inventory of useful tools but it needs more tool donations or financial contributions to acquire the tools for lending.

“It will enable people in the community to complete projects,” Ibex said. “It’s a great cause.”

Moab’s Backyard Theater was created by local musicians Sand and Sunnie Sheff. The outdoor stage, shaded by large cottonwood tree, is the home of the Moab Dog and Pony Show, which displays a variety of Moab talents from magic, fire dancing, live music and comedy.

“We want to help support them as well,” Ibex said.