Dear Editor,

Grand Water and Sewer Service Agency (GWSSA), Spanish Valley Water Company, has a proposal to the local Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to divert more water from Mill Creek to Ken’s Lake to supply irrigation water to approximately 160 residents in Spanish Valley. A majority of the GWSSA board is among those that will receive the water.

The USGS believes that Mill Creek recharges our drinking water aquifer with enough water for approximately 1000 homes. The water diverted to Ken’s Lake will be used outside the recharge area of our drinking water aquifer and lost to the Colorado River. The water will also go to a lake that has leakage and evaporation.

A ‘technical committee’ will decide how much water will be taken from Mill Creek. The public, who depends on the water, will have no input. The BLM promises that they will prepare an Environmental Analysis after the meetings are concluded, and the public will be able to comment on the prior decisions made by the committee.

Call or email GWSSA and the local BLM office and tell them to open the meetings to the public. Your drinking water is up for grabs.

Bill Love,