Birders can enjoy the song of the scrub jay while on a walk this weekend on the La Sal Mountains. [Photo courtesy Division of Wildlife Resources]

You can thrill at the sight of songbirds in their breeding plumage, and enjoy their songs and calls, during a bird walk in the La Sal Mountains.

The free, public walk will happen on June 1.

Birders should meet at 7 a.m. at the Moab Information Center at the corner of Center and Main streets. From there, the group will caravan up La Sal Mountain Loop Road to the Warner Lake area.

“At this time of year, males are singing to establish and maintain territories and to attract females. Males are brilliantly colored and easier to see and recognize than at any other time of year,” said Brent Stettler from the Division of Wildlife Resources.

For the best experience, birders should bring a pair of binoculars and a field guide.

A few pairs of binoculars will be available for those who don’t have their own.

The walk isn’t arduous, but sturdy shoes or hiking boots are recommended.

Birders should also pack something to eat and drink while on the walk.

Stettler said that in order to truly experience the songbirds, the birders will need to move slowly, stay on the roadsides and trails and speak in hushed voices.

“As a courtesy to others, please leave pets and small children at home,” Stettler said. Some birders will stay as late as noon, but people may leave the group at any time.

No registration is required for the event.

The walk is sponsored by the Division of Wildlife Resources, the Moab Bird Club and the U.S. Forest Service.