Dear Editor,

Christopher Ketcham’s column “Capitalism vs. the climate” was both factually inaccurate and an unsavory display of juvenile snark not worthy of printing. Rather than turning his muckraking towards dirty energy industry profiteers ripe for an expose, he directed his toxicity towards folks at least attempting to do something good for the world. How does that help the cause?

Ketcham gives himself away as a fan with a bruised ego, who didn’t get the celebrity meet and greet he so wanted. But the idea he’d ever get it was one totally made up in his own head.

I was privy to plans of the documentary film crew working with Young and Hannah, and it was clear all along that the celebs never intended to get out of their car, nor did anyone make that promise to Ketcham and his ‘friends’. Nobody ‘dissed’ them, other than Ketcham’s overactive imagination. FYI, Hannah caught a flight alright, to do volunteer work in Europe for an animal rights charity organization.

Young and Hannah have proven over the years that they are willing to lend their time and their name to elevate the discourse on environmental and social justice issues, and Ketcham should take a tip from them. Why does Ketcham need to exploit (and diss) celebs or activists to promote himself and his writing? Where’s the journalistic integrity?

Drake Buckingham