Eli Boaro

Eli Boaro is Helen M. Knight’s Student of the Month for April.

Boaro is the son of Chris and Gillian Scovill. He is in Mrs. Torgerson’s third grade class.

“Eli is quick to grasp new concepts, and is certain to always complete his assignments promptly and completely. He is quiet but leads by example,” said Mrs. Torgerson. “He is very aware of his surroundings and tries to keep things peaceful and calm to provide the best learning environment for himself and others. The cool thing is he manages to do this without being bossy!”

Mrs. Torgerson said that Boaro is very creative and shares his creativity not only in his writing but also with the awesome origami creations.

“He is a positive kid and contributes so much to the culture in our classroom,” Mrs. Torgerson said.