The second annual Moab Earth Day Bazaar will feature music, food, children’s activities, crafts and dialogue. [Photo courtesy of Earth Day Bazaar]

Celebrate Earth Day in Swanny City Park this Saturday.

The second annual Moab Earth Day Bazaar will feature live music, children’s activities and local craft and food vendors.

Neal Clark and Emily Stock worked together to organize both last year’s and this year’s events to “celebrate this area, as well as celebrate the people who live here,” Clark said.

“We really intend this to be an all-inclusive community event. There will be kids’ games, live music. We encourage people to come out to the park and enjoy the day.”

There will also be several non-profit organizations who will share their missions with the public.

“It will be a marketplace of ideas and goods,” Clark said.

This year’s Moab Earth Day Bazaar will host discussions on local environmental issues and options for sustainability. The event is intended to increase dialogue.

“There will be discussion about potential threats to the future of this area,” Clark said. “There are so many unique individuals and organizations that are working on exciting issues from the environment to social justice that a lot of people in town don’t realize.”

Clark said there won’t be any formal workshops during the event, but there will be opportunities to discuss issues with different groups and get involved.

“I love this area and I’m concerned about various pressures threatening the wild and wonderful place we live in,” Clark said. “Greater Canyonlands is the area we all know and love because we live here. I would like to see a vision that ensures that it remains wild and protected for future generations.”

Canyonlands Community Recycling will have its monthly paper drive that morning at the U.S. Post Office, 50 E. 100 North.

“On the way to the Earth Day Bazaar, don’t forget to swing by the Post Office and drop off all magazines, catalogues, phone books, books, paperboard, brown paper bags, toilet paper/paper towel rolls, egg cartons and wrapping paper at CCR’s monthly paper drive,” said Abby Scott, the new director of Canyonlands Community Recycling.