HMK Student of the Month

Shealby Lay is Helen M. Knight Elementary School’s student of the month for March.

She is in Jean Eardley’s fifth grade class and is the daughter of Cydney Hymas.

“Maya Angelou’s quote of ‘nothing will work unless you do’ brings Shealby to my mind,” said Eardley. “This young lady really works hard. When our class assignments are a challenge for Shealby, she grabs a hold of her patience, honestly conveys her questions, and just keeps working and re-working until she ‘gets it’.”

Eardly said that even when Lay doesn’t get it, she doesn’t give up and comes renewed for another day of hard work.

“She is never shy with her smiles, or her ability to laugh at herself when one of her answers is not quite right,” Eardley said. “She just doesn’t give up trying. If it means extra class after school, she’s there. If it means missing a recess or two, she’s there. And she is there with a smile. Always. What a joy to have such a hard working smiling force in our classroom.”