Dear Editor,

Kane Creek Blvd., two miles southwest of town, is nothing short of a speedway. I have called the Sheriff’s Office at least a dozen times and wrote two letters to the editor.

I have attended two city council meetings seeking a reasonable solution to this persistent safety issue with no long term results. Ninety percent of motorists using this recreation artery speed in excess of the 25 mph signs posted. Some carrying oversized trailers loaded with one or more jeeps, ATVs and large motor homes. I have seen and felt these vehicles reach speeds of up to 70 mph, with speeds 35 to 45 mph being the average.

There are adults and children on bikes, deer, other wildlife and ten residents who call this beautiful area of Moab home. We have the right to live in a safe environment. Speed bumps, daily aggressive speed traps with tickets issued and signs reading “fines doubled for speeding” are but a few solutions.

Speeding tickets will not keep tourists from returning to Moab. Enforcement will send the message “If you go to Moab you best drive the speed limits.”

I am not a nuisance or an activist, but I want Moab to be a safe place for people to live, visit and enjoy.

Thank you,

Ross High, Moab