Raven's Rim Zip Line Adventure

Raven’s Rim Zip Line Adventure Tour is opening soon. The zip lines are in place and training has commenced.

“They’ve been training all week,” said Emily Bynum of their guides. “They are all professionally trained and certified.”

To kick off the season, owners Casey and Emily Bynum will have a ‘soft open’ between April 8 and 13.

“It gives us a chance to test all of our systems, get our guides familiar with working with guests and to use our new reservation system,” Bynum said. “We’re trying to get it all choreographed at once.”

As part of that soft open, guests can try five of the six zip lines for 60 percent off the full price.

The full price for an adult is regularly $119 per person. With the Super60 special, the price drops to $48 for an adult and $32 for a child between the ages of 9 and 15. To get the special, one should make a reservation online and supply the code Super60.

The five zip-line course should take between two and two and a half hours. With the addition of the sixth zip line, the course will take two and half to three hours to complete.

The six zip lines range from 290 feet to 1240 feet in length.

The highest zip line on the course is 75-feet off the ground as the line crosses a basin between sandstone ridges.

Participants need to weigh at least 70 pounds and weigh less than 275 pounds. Guests should be comfortable hiking a half-mile on uneven terrain and up inclines.

Closed-toed shoes are required on the zip lines and long hair should be tied back or secured.

The Bynums also recommend not wearing short shorts, because it may make the harness uncomfortable to wear. T-Shirts and tops should be long enough to tuck into pants or shorts.

The tour includes a 2-mile four-wheel drive ride on ATV’s from their storefront at 998 N. Main St. to the sandstone bluffs that border the Sand Flats Recreation Area above. The ATV trail is part of the historic La Sal Mountain Cattle Trail, which dates back to the 1880s.

There are views of the the La Sal Mountains, the Slickrock Bike Trail and the Colorado River Canyon from the zip line course.

During the soft open, only five of the six zip lines will be available.

“We’re building a suspension bridge now,” Bynum said. “Upon completion of the suspension bridge, there will be access to the sixth zip line.”

Though the zip lines are on private land, the final zip line will carry clients over Slickrock Trail.

The course is built on 53 acres of private property owned by the Steen Family, descendents of Uranium King and Moab patron Charlie Steen. Nearby is the Sunset Grill, which once served as Charlie Steen’s home. The property is surrounded on three-sides by the Sand Flats Recreation Area. Seattle-based Arial Designs engineered the course.