A new “Stay on the Trail” poster featuring Sheriff Steve White is available for businesses to display through Moab Solutions. [Courtesy Moab Solutions]

Moab Solutions, a local non-profit organization, is looking for volunteers to help during upcoming off-road events near Potato Salad Hill through Common Thread / Operation Cooperation between now and the end of the month.

Common Thread / Operation Cooperation is a joint effort between Moab Solutions and the Bureau of Land Management, Grand County Sheriff’s Office, Trail Mix, Rocky Mountain Extreme and individual volunteers to maximize recycling and minimize illegal off-road damage during large events.

“We would like to expand efforts throughout the region and encourage folks to ‘adopt’ areas near and dear to them to keep clean and naturalized if prone to accidental or illegal off-trail use,” said Moab Solutions founder Sarah Melnicoff.

Moab Solutions will rake disturbed areas, do recycle and trash cleanups and promote on-trail use from now until the end of the month.

While Potato Salad Hill, near Mill Creek, is not an official Jeep Safari site, it is a popular area for 4-wheel enthusiasts to test their rock climbing skills.

Melnicoff said that 399 pounds of recyclables were collected in one day at Potato Salad Hill.

A new “Stay on the Trail” poster featuring Sheriff White is available for businesses to post to remind visitors to appreciate the area and take care of it while they are here.

“We hope to distribute these widely soon and have them on display at all trailheads, bike shops and vehicle rental sites,” Melnicoff said.

Donations to Moab Solutions help offset the costs associated with the daily work, recycling installation and maintenance.