Jennifer Lucrezio and her husband Jordan Bumgardner will perform together as Lucrezio at Eddie McStiff’s, Wednesday, March 13. [Photo courtesy of Lucrezio]

Jennifer Lucrezio and Jordan Bumgardner are taking a cross-country road trip from their home in Chicago to the west coast. On their way, they will stop in Moab to share their music at Eddie McStiff’s on Wednesday, March 20.

“We have some friends in LA that we wanted to visit and started plotting along to get to them. Moab was a perfect place on the route,” Jennifer Lucrezio said.

It’s the couple’s first tour as Lucrezio.

The two met when Bumgardner tried out for a band Jennifer Lucrezio was in. The two were first band mates, then chose to marry.

“We’re like an acoustic alternative rock with a little bit of soul,” Bumgardner said.

Lucrezio put out a full band project called Storybook in the spring of 2011. In the fall of 2012, the two took a handful of tunes from the Storybook, stripped them down to piano, acoustic guitar and cello for Storybook Acoustic.

Creating an acoustic show facilitated the tour.

“It’s easier on the wallet to travel with two people,” Jennifer Lucrezio said. “This is our first vigorous go at pursuing music.”

They will be sharing songs from Storybook Acoustic while performing at Eddie McStiff’s.

“We’ll throw in some covers, give people something to sing along to.” Jennifer Lucrezio said.

However, Jennifer Lucrezio expressed that she preferred to sing their original work.

“It goes back be able to share something that is personal to us. We’re performers because we love it. But when you perform someone else’s song, you can’t be as close to it because the person who wrote it had something specific in mind and you can’t fully understand it,” Lucrezio said.

The title Storybook refers directly to the fact that behind every song is a story. The couple’s intent is to share that with the audience.

“We love being able to connect with people. Even if we’re strangers we love sharing our hearts with people,” Lucrezio said. “There’s that passion behind the music and is a good part of who we are.”

Jennifer Lucrezio said that she hopes that as people hear their songs and stories, that there is an opportunity to hear the stories of others.

“We love hearing people tell us how it might relate to a story of their own,” said Jennifer Lucrezio. “We want people to know that. It makes it richer for us and for them. We don’t want to just play music and leave.”