Spelling Bee

Teddy Park (left)won his second spelling bee at Helen M. Knight on Tuesday, Feb. 19.

Mary Kimmerle took second place and Kevin Park took third. Teddy and his brother Kevin Park battled for first place last year as well. The students went for 38 rounds before a winner was declared. Teddy Park and Kimmerle spelled words such as “sentient”, “apostate”, and “salubrious”. Teddy Park’s winning word was “macadamia”.

There were 18 participants between the grades of 4 through 6. Peggy Harty was the pronouncer. Beth Joseph and Annie Larsen were the judges. All top three spellers will attend the regional spelling bee to be held at Grand County High School on March 19. The regional bee will have top spellers from schools throughout Southeastern Utah. The winner of that event will qualify to attend the National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. in late May.