Youth Garden Project

The Youth Garden Project greenhouse was broken into Tuesday, Feb. 5. Several lights and extension cords, power strips and a dry erase board were taken. The items taken in the theft were worth a few hundred dollars.

“It makes me sad that in our community that businesses and citizen need to be concerned about theft,” said Delite Primus, director of the Youth Garden Project. “I’d like to think we don’t need to worry about things like this, but we do.”

The Youth Garden Project needs to replace the items in order to begin starts for the garden and spring plant sale.

The items they need are a heavy duty three-prong 40-foot extension cord, two outlet power strips with a surge protector, four-foot light fixtures and a 36-inch dry erase board.

“We need specific size bulbs for the light fixtures, but if you have any, let us know and we’ll see if they will work,” Primus said.

The Youth Garden Project is also asking for help from the community to be their eyes and ears.

“If you see or hear of anything suspicious happening at our property, give us or the police a call right away,” Primus said.