Dear Editor,

I wanted to say “Thank you” to the Grand County Council for taking a firm stand against the proposal for the formation of Greater Canyonlands National Monument. I was grateful to see that this council understands the ramifications of putting “all our eggs” into the tourism basket. Much “lip service” has been given over the past years to economic diversity and development, but little has been done to make it happen.

Those who are pushing for this monument are constantly vilifying the “boom or bust” cycle of oil and mineral extraction and development. I guess they never step out of their house from the end of Oct to the first of March to see the “boom and bust” of tourism that occurs year after year in Moab.

I know so many people who are on unemployment or out of work during the off season and it is so sad that they have to live that way. Grand County families deserve a better life than low paying eco-tourism jobs can provide.

Adding more and more miles of bicycle paths – in effect subsidizing a very small segment of business in Moab – won’t fix the problem. I hope this council will continue to work toward diversifying the economy in Grand County and seek out forms of development that will bring year round employment to the folks in Grand County.

Thank you!

Stella Lightfoot