Sling a red bouncy ball across the court and know you’re doing it to help teenagers in town.

Club Red is hosting a Community Dodgeball Tournament Saturday, Jan. 12. But if you want to get on the court, you need to register your team in the City Recreation Office by Jan. 7.

Club Red staff and students brainstormed a good fundraiser.

“We wanted to involve all the community and appeal to a competitive nature,” said Amy Stocks, director of Club Red.

Registration is $60 per team, with a discount of $35 for non-profit organizations and $25 for youth teams.

Club Red has been made available through the Moab City Recreation Department since 2005. It meets during non-school hours at the teen center in the basement of the Center Street Gym.

“It’s an afterschool drop-in center for local teens to have a place to go. We have an organized activity everyday. Sometimes we do crafts, or go upstairs to the gym to play dodgeball or next door to Sun Court to play basketball,” Stocks said.

There is a computer lab and people to help with homework. There is a once-a-month swim night at the Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center, as well as a once-a-month dinner and a movie night with parents and teens.

“Right now we’re seeing about ten a day,” Stocks said. “We’d like to see more.”

The money from the fundraiser will go toward the teen center’s general fund to pay for general operations and snacks.

“If we earn enough it can go toward craft supplies kids have asked for,” Stocks said.

Club Red hopes to have at least one dodgeball team in the community tournament. Maybe two.

“Some of the young people are excited to think that they will get to compete against their teachers,” she said. “One of the best outlets is to play dodgeball. It brings kids together, lets out some energy.”

Costumes and team names are highly encouraged. In fact, there will be prizes for the best team name and costumes.

“The hospital is in with a team, which is lucky, because medical assistance may be needed,” said Jen Sadoff, spokeswoman for Moab Regional Hospital. “We are still working on our name, but so far brainstorming has produced these options: ‘The Hematomas’, ‘The Cerebral Contusions’, ‘Side Effects May Include’.”

Stocks said there will be trophies. Staff is also collecting prizes from local businesses.

She recommends watching the movie “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story”, that was made in 2004.

“I’m hoping to have a showing of ‘Dodgeball’ to get everyone refreshed and in the spirit,” she said. “They are actually fairly accurate in the movie.”

She stressed the five rules of dodgeball stated in the movie: Dodge, dip, dive, duck and dodge.

“Doing the limbo and practicing Matrix or ninja skills may be the best way to train,” she said. “Ones who are afraid of the ball have a greater motivation to stay away from them.”

The VISTA volunteers plan to create a team. Jane Sherman, the VISTA volunteer for Club Red is a little nervous about playing.

“I can’t throw,” she said. “I’m not worried about being hit, but I’m a terrible thrower and someone always catches it.”