Jane Butter

Jane Butter loves the river. It is what brought her home to Moab. She likes to sleep and may be a bit of a hypochondriac, but she is living her dream and strives to put out good energy.

1) What initially brought you to Moab?

Old Man River

2) What do you love most about living in Moab?

The amazingly beautiful and unique landscape of the earth. Basically, the endless and sacred playground if you will. Also, I love the community of incredible people here and how well we seem to all function together. I am constantly inspired by my neighbors.

3) What do you dislike about living in Moab?

The lack of eligible, year round, and age appropriate bachelors.

4) What is your occupation?

Utah Wildlands Associate for the Grand Canyon Trust

5) If you could have any job in the world, what would you most like to do?

The one I am doing right now. It’s been a dream for a long time.

6) Describe a typical day in your life.

Sleeping in is important to me as well as spending time outside. If I can sleep in, do my work, and play outside – I consider it a successful day.

7) Some people have bumper stickers on their car that reads: I’d Rather be Sailing. What would your bumper sticker read? I’d Rather Be…

Boating and Saving the World. I am convinced you can do both at the same time.

8) Tell us one thing people don’t usually know about you.

I’m a huge hypochondriac and industrial chemicals of all varieties really freak me out. WebMD is not for me. . .

9) In high school, you would have been considered the person most likely to…

I was actually voted class clown my senior year. I don’t know where that puts me today.

10) What is your favorite Moab activity?

The river, in any capacity. In, on, around, hopefully not under. . . just being close to the river.

11) Tell us your favorite non-Moab place to visit.

Somewhere foreign, exotic, third world, and uncomfortable. It’s important to make yourself uncomfortable from time to time. I have traveled in S. America and SE Asia and found those experiences to be the most enriching of my life. India is my next goal. . .

12) What do you consider your greatest achievement in life?

Getting up everyday with a smile on my face and trying to put good energy into the world and the people around me.

13) If you were President, what’s the first thing you’d do to make life better in America?

Healthcare reform would be No. 1. Then completely flipping the switch from fossil fuels and dirty energy to renewables.

14) What superhero power would you most like to have?

To be invisible. That way I could be allowed into meetings of people who seemingly don’t agree with my worldview and have the opportunity to listen to them to better understand how they think and what they believe. Then I can better understand how I think and what I believe.

15) If you could be an animal, what would it be? Why?

An ant. They work so hard and they all work together towards a common goal. And they can carry like 3,000 times their weight, or something like that. I think we all need to be more like ants.

16) What is your all time favorite movie?

“Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. Still waiting for that room full of candy and that chocolate river to appear somewhere in my life. . .

17) And, your all time favorite book?

“Desert Solitaire”

18) If you were stranded on a desert island, which three CDs would you want to have with you?

“American Beauty” by Grateful Dead; “Blood On The Tracks” by Bob Dylan; and “Walk On” by John Hiatt

19) If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be? Why?

Rachel Carson. She turned the whole tide on environmental thinking in the U.S. I believe we are at a critical point where this needs to be done again, and I would be interested to hear her ideas of how to do that in this vastly different, and much smaller world we are living in today.

20) What is your life philosophy?

Whatever you are doing it must be contributing to the greater good, whether that has to do with people or the earth, or both, because I think of them as the same thing. Also, have as much FUN as possible and laugh as hard as you can while trying not to hurt anyone around you.