The Grand County Sheriff’s Office employees had six employees honored for milestone anniversaries, including Curt Brewer who has worked in the department for 30 years. Other deputies came to support their team in full dress at the county council meeting. From left to right back row: Brady Rich (5 years), Art Hines (24 years), Archie Walker (20 years), Kim Neal (20 years), Curt Brewer (30 years), Veronica Bullock (17 years), Darrel Meacham (2 years) and Sheriff Steve White (20 years). Front row: Levi Mallory (5 years) and Louis Manson (20 years).

Several civil servants reached milestone anniversaries in their employment at Grand County this year. They were recognized for their service at the Grand County Council meeting Dec. 4.

Loren (Bud) Johnson, roads department, has served 35 years. Curt Brewer followed him at 30 years of service in the Sheriff’s Office.

Three employees celebrated for 25 years of work: Connie Brewer Haycock, Child’s Justice Center director; Mary Hofhine, community development coordinator; and Vauna Randall, chief deputy recorder.

Three employees were celebrated for twenty years of service: Verleen Striblen, Grand Center director; Homer Manson, Jr., Sheriff’s Office patrol officer; and Steve White, Sheriff.

Debra Dowd, justice court senior clerk, has served 15 years. Paula Fuller, Emergency Medical Services assistant director, has served 10 years.

Most of the employees were recognized for five years of service: Kelly Braun, Terence Carlson ; Faylene Roth, library technician; Tom Spruill, library assistant; Kristine Braun, Brooklynne Nunley, Dianna Tangren, William Foreman, Melissa Nerone, James Webster, Al Cymbaluk, Levi Mallory, Brady Rich, Eric Brewer and William Robinson.