If you always wanted to build a gingerbread house, you may want to reserve a spot at the Gingerbread House Construction Party on Monday, Dec. 17.

This is the third year the Moab Arts and Recreation Center has hosted the event.

“The MARC provides all the tools, candy, icing; you walk away from the mess,” said Laurie Collins, MARC director.

The cost for the activity is $20, or $18 for MARC members. If you have three children or more the price is $30, or $27 for members. Scholarships are available.

“In the past there has been a lot of parent and kids coming together to build, but this event is open to all kids at heart who want to come play,” said Jenn Oestriech, who is organizing the event.

The “gingerbread” is actually graham crackers.

“Instead of spending hours making gingerbread, we will save a lot of time and effort using graham crackers,” Oestreich said.

Folks who show up will get a quick tutorial on how to build with graham crackers.

“The trick is in the glue or mortar that holds the graham crackers together. We at the MARC will be perfecting the ‘Royal Icing Recipe’, for best results before participants arrive,” Oestreich said.

Once the graham crackers are set, it’s time to have fun.

There are creative building supplies: Wafers, frosted shredded wheat or marshmallows on the roof. Upside down ice cream cones work well for trees. Some use stick gum or Hershey’s chocolate bars for doors. Pretzels work for fences.

“We will have a variety of hard candies and jelly beans for decorating,” Oestreich said.

Jen Sadoff and her daughter Jaimin built a house together last year. She appreciated the fact that she didn’t have to clean up afterward.

“It was so fun,” Sadoff said. “Everything was set-up, and we were able to focus on being creative and spending time together. The best part was taking the gingerbread house home and leaving the mess!”

Pippa Thomas went with her daughter Claret Sutteer last year.

“She loved it. We could make a complete mess and be as creative as we wanted,” Thomas said. “It’s fun because you’re building something and being creative.”

One of the best parts of the evening, however, was being able to bring their creation home.

“She could continue eating off of it the rest of the Christmas season,” Thomas said.

To reserve your spot, call 435-259-6272