Josh Riggs stands in front of the new welcome sign installed on the south side of Moab. Riggs created the sign in the last month, shortly before his climbing death in Arizona. [Photo by David Olsen/ Courtesy]

Josh Riggs, 32, died after falling while rock climbing in northern Arizona last week. According to the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, Riggs fell about 80 feet in an area 40 miles outside of Flagstaff near Sycamore Canyon on Monday, Nov.26.

Authorities said they received a 911 call Monday afternoon from a woman who reported that her boyfriend was seriously injured. Riggs died by the time rescuers reached him.

“He was talented and thoughtful, funny and nice to be around. He spent the last month or so with us working on the entrance signs to Moab and took great pride in his work,” said Scott Anderson of Triassic Industries.

David Olsen, Moab city community director, took pictures of the new entrance signs with Riggs shortly after the signs were installed on Nov. 16.

“He was a really neat person,” Olsen said. “He had great ideas and could figure out how to do just about anything.”

Lisa Boose described him as “talented, grounded, calm, creative, empathetic, and fun loving.”

Riggs was quoted as saying, “Don’t live like there is no tomorrow, live like you’re gonna’ be here forever.”

“He hiked to climbs in flip flops with hands in pockets. A minimalist at heart, his temperament was low key as well. He could be the center of a party without being the center of attention,” Boose said. “Helpful, giving, his talents were his gifts and he shared them freely.”

A memorial service was held for Riggs on Dec. 3 in Tulare, Calif. A memorial is now being planned to be held in Moab.