Joy Powers and Maddy Hall, perform as clowns in Circus Smirkus, one of the best youth circuses in the world. The film “Circus Dreams” documents a year in the life of youth circus performers. [Photo by Harry Powers/ Courtesy of “Circus Dreams”]

“Circus Dreams” documents a year in the life of Circus Smirkus, one of the best youth circuses in the world. The feature documentary immerses viewer in the lives of the 12 to 18 year old performers, capturing their intense work ethic, passion for performance, deep friendships and budding loves.

Children and their families are invited to a free viewing of the film at 2 p.m., Monday at the Grand County Public Library. “Circus Dreams” is one of the recommendations from the Tumbleweed Film Festival, which has a selection of children’s films that have been chosen for free monthly viewings at the library.

“We have taken their recommendations for our first four films. We have not been disappointed. All of the films have been a pleasure to watch,” said Charlotte Hurley, head of children and teen services at the library. “’The Circus Dreams’ film is especially fun for us, because the library sponsored a circus act this past summer – The Wild Rumpus Circus. It was such a delight to see the show, we are trying to talk them in to coming back this year.”

“Circus Dreams” is an inspiring testament to the power of youthful dreams. It is a heartwarming story with real life characters. The film follows the young performers from the competitive audition process through their intensive three-week rehearsal period in the Vermont countryside, where they are coached by performers from the Ringling Brothers Circus, Big Apple Circus and Cirque Du Soleil.

It then chronicles their exhilarating and exhausting 70-performance tour.

“Circus Dreams” focuses on four compelling characters. These include Joy Powers and Maddy Hall, best friends and clown partners, who are on a mission to prove that “girls can be funny too.”

Facing rejection, cuts and self-doubt, the pair undergoes a transformational voyage that ultimately sends one to the pinnacle of circus success.

“Circus Dreams” also features Jacob Tischler, a handsome, charismatic teenager from Vermont who overcomes of his sense of isolation by finding a place to shine in the circus ring. In addition, it focuses on Thula Martin, a captivating 12-year-old hula dancer from

Hawaii, who grows from an injured child into a capable young woman over the course of the film.

The magnetic supporting cast includes death-defying aerialists and two brothers on a quest to become the best diabolo jugglers in the world.

The coming-of-age stories are told against the backdrop of a make-it or break-it Circus

Smirkus summer tour. Circus Smirkus, an award-winning, twenty-year old arts organization, is steps away from financial ruin. The kids know that the future of the organization rests on their shoulders. They push to perform at their utmost since Smirkus is one of the few places where they feel at home. Beautifully shot and deftly edited, this documentary is an inspiring testament to the power of youthful dreams.

The children’s library will also have a Christmas Magic Show 6:30 p.m., Dec. 11.

“Rick Boretti is always a great time,” Hurley said. “This show will be for all ages.”