Christmas tree permits are now available from both the Bureau of Land Management and Manti-LaSal National Forest.

Weather conditions in the mountains are unpredictable, so always be prepared for winter weather. Stay on designated roads and trails. Be prepared for slick, snow packed roads and have chains, a 4-wheel drive vehicle, or a snow machine available.

Let someone know where you are planning to go and approximate time you will return.

Carry a cell phone; bring additional warm clothing, good warm gloves, boots, and a container of hot liquid, water, lunch or snack, as it may take longer than expected.

Carry a flashlight, chains, shovel, first aid kit, matches, a hatchet, ax or handsaw, and rope to secure your tree.

Tree permits are for personal use only, cash and checks are the only accepted method of payment.

Trees must always be cut close to the ground leaving the stump no higher than six inches. A shovel will come in handy to dig through the snow to reach the base of the tree. Make sure your permit is attached to the tree before leaving the cutting area. Tree topping is not allowed.

Do not cut within 200 feet of riparian areas (lakes and streams) roads, campgrounds, picnic areas, administrative sites, summer home areas, or within designated closed areas shown on tree cutting area maps.