Grand County High School students are performing “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” this week. From left to right: Jessica Stucki, Terrance Farnsworth, Savannah Hurley, Nikysha Harmsion, Brittnee Lewis, and Cory Farnsworth. (Photo by Sarah Quigley/Moab Sun News)

Anyone up for a fun and exciting show that may even teach a lesson?

If you are, get ready for the Grand County High School production of “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.”

“It is a fun play of the situations of men and women, and settling the west,” said Maralee Francis, the co-producer and director of this production.

The play begins with a man named Adam (played by Kamron Call) who is seeking a wife, and soon finds one in a young lady named Milly (played by Mary Rice). After their urgent marriage, Milly and Adam move to Adam’s cabin where his six disorderly brothers live.

Milly tries to teach them good manners and they soon want wives of their own. The six girls they have chosen already have suitors which cause problems for the brothers. After reading “The Rape of The Sabine Women”, Adam encourages his brothers to kidnap the six girls.

Following Adam’s advice, the brothers take the girls to their cabin, and after many conflicts, the girls eventually fall in love with the six brothers.

“This play is specifically about men and women learning how to treat each other, and what love is all about,” Francis said.

Competitive auditions were held to decide the main parts of, Adam, Milly, the six other brides, the six brothers, and the suitors. Practices have been held during lunch, after school, and at night.

All the cast and crew members have been working very hard from the beginning. The cast has been singing, dancing, and studying lines everyday, while the crew members have been directing, teaching, and helping everyone to make “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” a great and memorable production.

“I am excited for late night practices… it is so fun.” says Morgan Dalton one of the seven brides.

Kent Dalton and his high school construction class have also been working to create this play by making the sets.

“I am so excited for the costumes and whole atmosphere of the drama experience,” said Donna Snow, another bride.

Don’t miss out on the “fun, dancing, and great fight scenes,” Francis said.