Free Entrance to National Parks

When: Nov. 10-12

Arches National Park

Drive north fives miles on Hwy 191

Total distance from Moab: 5 miles

Canyonlands National Park

Island in the Sky District

Drive north 10 miles on Hwy 191, turn left at State Route 313 and drive an additional 22 miles.

Total distance from Moab: 42 miles

Needles District

Drive south 40 miles on Hwy 191, turn right on State Route 211 and drive an additional 35 miles.

Total distance from Moab: 75 miles

The Maze District

Drive north 30 miles on Hwy 191 to I-70, turn left and drive 32 miles to State Route 24. Drive south for 24 miles to a left hand turn onto a two-wheel drive dirt. An additional 46 miles will take you to the Hans Flat Ranger Station.

Total distance from Moab: 134 miles

    1. Go play in the parks