November 15 is America Recycles Day.

This is a great time of year to start or expand recycling efforts. Moabites fortunately have many opportunities to recycle or divert items from our two landfills. Some places take stuff for free; others charge a small fee to cover costs. With a little planning, most items can be recycled.

The Community Recycle Center

Operated by Solid Waste Special Service District

1000 Sand Flats Road


For no charge they’ll accept: newspaper, office paper (including mail/envelopes), glass, corrugated cardboard, aluminum and steel cans, and plastics No. 1-7.


The City of Moab provides numerous recycling bins on Main and Center streets, plus in the Moab Ball Field on Center St. and at Swanny City Park.


Want to have your recycling picked up? Call Green Solutions at 435-259-1088 about curbside collection rates.

Electronic waste and alkaline battery recycling drive

Sponsored by Canyonlands Community Recycling and WabiSabi

When: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 3

Where: WabiSabi Thriftique, 411 Locust Lane

More info: You can drop off almost anything that plugs in. For Freon-containing appliances, contact Bob’s Sanitation at 259-7585.

Businesses will be charged 25 cents/lb for electronics and residents are encouraged to donate at the same rate. The charge for everyone for batteries is $2/lb. While this recycling opportunity isn’t free, the short-term cost provides long-term gain. Items will be processed in a socially and environmentally responsible manner by Metech Recycling, a certified “e-Stewards” recycler. This means your electronics stay in the US, and are demanufactured and recycled by US workers, who maintain detailed paperwork to track the entire process. This process also keeps hazardous components contained in many electronics out of our soil and water.

Monthly Paper Drive

Sponsored by Canyonlands Community Recycling and Solutions of Moab

9 a.m. to 1 p.m., third Saturday of the month

U.S. Post Office

For magazines, catalogues, phone/regular books, paperboard (e.g. cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls) and more.

Moabites can also recycle, responsibly dispose of, or donate for reuse, things like: bicycle and car tires, scrap metal, motor oil, medications, eyeglasses, paint, clothing and packaging material. Visit: for a list of where to take these and other items.

The nonprofit CCR raises funds for its education and outreach work through events like its Nov. 17 “A Feast of India” dinner. The dinner sold out in 2011 and was described as “a must for foodies” by one Moab resident. This all-around cultural event will again feature the Bollywood Moab dance troupe performing to raucous, contemporary music from Bollywood movies like “Slumdog Millionaire.”

Tickets are available through Nov. 15 at the Moab BARKery, Back of Beyond Books and both WabiSabi stores.