Jeff and Lauren Davis of Jeffrey's Steakhouse

Unless you are vegan to the core, everyone is susceptible to the occasional craving for a good steak. Here in Moab the place to head for some serious satisfaction is Jeffrey’s Steakhouse.

Opened in 2009, the restaurant is owned and operated by long time Moab residents Jeffrey and Lauren Davis.

Their menu offers classic entrees featuring beef, lamb, pork, chicken and seafood entrees paired with appetizers, sides and salads. The menu is backed by a wine list that will impress any serious vino enthusiast.

The two worked hard to find organic ingredients.

All beef, pork and chicken products are free of hormones and antibiotics associated with commercially raised livestock. They buy organic produce from local farmers, such as Creekside Organic Farms, Castle Valley Farms, the Youth Garden Project. They can be found at the Farmer’s Market held at Swanny City Park on Saturday mornings.

The steakhouse features American Wagyu beef.

“Wagyu beef is extremely tender and delicious. When you cut into a quality steak, you expect it to be tender, but American Wagyu Beef is known as the butter knife beef because you can cut it with a butter knife. Our beef tastes wonderful. It graces your palate like a fine wine, with complex flavors, subtle flavors and a lingering finish,” according to Jeffrey’s Steakhouse web site.

The eatery resides in a renovated house built in 1896, originally owned by the Bailey family.

“They lived here until the 1960s,” Davis said.

It had been home to a Thai restaurant, a bakery and a rental unit.

“My dad bought it in 2005 and my sister started a fried chicken business,” Davis said. “That went its way and the place sat empty for a couple of year. I bought it from my dad in 2008.”

Davis took a full year to renovate the place from top to bottom, inside and out.

“Earlier in life I made furniture from reclaimed wood,” Davis said. “Around here I did most of the woodworking. I made the bar and all the wood trim, the shelving, the tables and the vanity in the bathroom.”

The restaurant now features an outdoor patio area and The Ghost Bar – a cocktail lounge in the refurbished attic. Jeffrey’s Steakhouse offers a very intimate dining experience in a unique and tastefully decorated modern atmosphere featuring the work of local artists.

Davis’ roots grow deeply in Moab.

His grandparents founded Hole in the Rock south of town.

“Although I grew up in California, we were always visiting Moab when we were kids,” Davis said.

He has also put in his time in the kitchen.

“I’ve been cooking since I was twelve. I started in a coffee shop then moved on to a French restaurant,”

“In 1981 I went into business with my dad and brothers and we started the La Hacienda restaurant here in town. It’s still in the family today – my son took it over when I started Jeffrey’s.”

He has also had a few notable diners.

“The actors Johnny Depp and Tom Wilkerson stopped in recently, they were working on the new Lone Ranger movie in town. They hired us on to cater the meals on their private jet.”

Jeffrey’s plans to be open all winter, and whether you’re famous or not, Davis and his team look forward to serving the community for years to come.