Dear Editor,

There is too little known, at this point, about the environmental effects, (including human health effects) that the process of fracking has on the water we depend on and the air we need to breathe. Until we can know and study all of the chemicals used in the fracking process and the adverse effects that they, and the process itself can pose, we are being reckless and short-sighted in our attempts to secure natural gas through this process. 

Water is the resource that is going to be the most valuable in the end. It will be the lack of safe, drinkable, usable water that will be our undoing, not gas and oil.

I ask Congress to step back and take a look at the process of fracking. Conservatives will tell you they don’t want to pass debt on to their grandchildren. I ask conservatives and liberals, and all in-between, to consider the cost to future generations before approving anymore fracking in this country. Debt could be the very least of their problems.  

Let’s start with stopping fracking near the National Gem we know as Moab!! 

Nancy Weber