A fire at the Moab Landfill from Thursday rekindled, requiring firefighters to return on Sunday to put the fire out. The first fire had flames up to 20 feet high and burned a half-acre of ground. 

A fire in Thompson Springs destroyed four structures, one ATV and five vehicles early Saturday morning. Fire crews from the Moab, Green River and Thompson Springs responded to the fire. No one was injured and many homes were saved, due to the combined efforts of the multiple agencies working together. The Moab Fire Protection District also responded to a fire at the Moab Landfill on Sand Flats Road Thursday afternoon. Firefighters found a fire that stretched approximately a half-acre with flames shooting 20 feet high. The eight-man crew was able to get the fire under control and turned it over to the Solid Waste manager. The landfill rekindled on Sunday. Fourteen firefighters responded and were able to quickly put out the 20 by 20-foot fire. (Photo courtesy of Moab Fire Protection District)