Corbin Maxey the Reptile Guy holds his friend, Lexie, a 20-foot-long Burmese python. They will perform at Star Hall 10:30 a.m., Friday, Aug. 3.

Corbin Maxey has been surrounded by wildlife for as long as he can remember. He spent the most of his childhood in the mountains of southern Idaho observing snakes, lizards, frogs and toads. He even developed an exotic animal collection, which included his first lizard named Booger. His passion for all animals influenced his decision to commit his life to them.

On Friday morning he will be at Star Hall to share that passion with Moab children through the Grand County Library children’s programming.

“He is so enthusiastic and loves animals so much,” said Charlotte Hurley, head of children/ teen services at the Grand County Public Library. “Here in Moab we get to see wildlife all the time. We hope that this show will help us all appreciate it more.”

“Dream Big: Read” is the theme of the children’s reading program this summer.

“We interpret it to mean anything to do with science, wishes, astronomy,” Hurley said.

Maxey will be bringing his 20-foot Burmese python and a four-foot iguana.

“One of the biggest circulating areas in the children’s section is reptiles. We know how much children like them,” Hurley said. “This gives us a chance to see reptiles up close and big.”

When Maxey was only twelve years old he founded the Cyprus Hill Reptile Reserve in Meridian, Idaho. Since then Maxey has found homes for hundreds of homeless, abused, and neglected reptiles and amphibians.

At the age of fourteen he wrote, produced, and starred in “Reptile Rampage”, a weekly live performance at a zoo featuring Shere Khan, an Albino Burmese Python; Soni, an alligator; Tinkerbelle, a tortoise; and Scooter an iguana. The show attracted thousands of people and helped spread the message of responsible pet ownership.

Maxey became the youngest producer and host of his own television show called “LIVE with The Reptile Guy” when he was only 18. The ten-episode series was based in Boise, Idaho, and featured animals and the people that dedicated their lives to them. It went on to produce four successful seasons that featured over 300 animals in nearly 30 episodes. Following “LIVE” Corbin achieved another milestone by appearing four consecutive times on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” making him their youngest reptile expert on the show to date.

He also launched “Creature Feature”, a weekly animal-related segment on Boise television that featured exotic animals including camels, monkeys, sea lions and numerous reptiles. Maxey began making regular appearances on “The TODAY Show” in 2011. Corbin is a board member of the Idaho Herpetological Society and now attending Boise State University earning a degree in biology.