Kristin Millis

Kristin Millis joined the Moab Sun News team this week as the newspaper’s interim managing editor.

‘We are thrilled to have Kristin leading our editorial efforts. She brings to the table not only a wealth of community journalism experience, but also an intimate knowledge of, and passion for, the Moab community,” said Andrew Mirrington, the newspaper’s publisher.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to work with the Moab Sun News,” said Millis. “I love the modern design, the focus on strong storytelling and the mission to provide relevant information. I appreciate the company’s commitment to Moab and to good journalism.”

Millis, who grew up in Moab, recently moved back to her hometown following a six-year stint as the publisher at The Daily of University of Washington, an award-winning publication.

Prior to her role in Washington, Millis held several editorial positions at community newspapers in California, Nevada, as well as St. George, Utah, and was the managing editor for two agricultural magazines, Agribusiness Dairyman and California Fresh Fruit & Raisin News.

“I have enjoyed each job I’ve had. It was fun to live in the city, but I’m really glad to be home,” said Millis. “I can’t imagine any job being more fulfilling than as a reporter or editor in your own home town.”

A graduate of the Utah State University journalism program, Millis began her newspaper career at The Moab Times-Independent where she worked her way from the mail room to features reporter.

Mirrington described Millis as “an instinctively fair-minded journalist who is committed to covering all sides of the news.”

“Good community journalism is the best journalism,” said Millis. “It is as an opportunity to build bridges and allows the public to solve problems in their community by having reliable information.”

This week marks the fourteenth issue of the Moab Sun News and Mirrington said that the newspaper’s circulation and growth continue to exceed expectations.

“We are glad to see the local and visitor community enjoying the paper – and making us part of their weekly routine. With Kristin’s help we look forward to building on this foundation.”