Drivers, be aware. Construction has begun on the La Sal Loop Road.

Work began this week, removing trees and excavating slopes in the Mill Creek area. The work may cause traffic delays but no closures.


Do expect full road closures in the Mill Creek area the week of July 16. Officials with the Manti-La Sal National Forest, Grand County and San Juan County are working closely with the contractor in order to address emergency access situations.

Warner and Oowah Lakes will be open from Sand Flats Road.

Traffic will also be able to access the Loop Road from Castle Valley prior to the Pinhook/Miners Basin area closures.

Full road closure in the Pinhook/Miners Basin area is expected to begin the week of July 30. Access to Miners Basin and Pinhook will then be open from the Sand Flats Road.

If traveling with a trailer or any large vehicle, drivers should watch for signs indicating “No turn around road for trailers beyond this point.”

The portion of Mill Creek beneath the construction area (from the Mill Creek Bridge downstream to the confluence with Horse Creek) will be closed to public entry and climbing due to safety concerns with potential falling debris.

All other recreation sites, campgrounds and trails will remain open during the road work.

Sand Flats road will serve as the detour during closures for the area of the Loop Road between Mill Creek and Pinhook Valley.

Access to Geyser Pass will remain open throughout the duration of the project.

Call the Moab/Monticello Ranger Station at 435-636-3360 or go to the Manti-La Sal National Forest website for project locations and updates on the projects and closures.