Visitors are coming in high numbers to the area of Mill Creek Canyon called Left Hand via Powerhouse Lane. They are leaving trash and going off the trail on their way to the waterfall. There is a grassroots movement now to encourage leaders to curtail or charge fees. What do you think should be done to help maintain the area?

Kord Jackson:

“I think we should put up signs and provide trash cans and recycle bins along the trail. I think there should also be a tourist tax to help maintain the area.”

Tyson Saggboy:

“I think we should inform tourists to pick up trash or just not throw it on the ground by putting a big sign at the beginning of the trail.”

Megan Coleman:

“I read a lot about this topic over Facebook and it is hard to tell what we should do. I can’t even go there anymore because of all the waste. I agree with charging tourists to go to Left Hand and maybe a small fee for locals, but it really is a hard decision.”