Mario Richard’s love affair with flying began when he was a little boy.

Back then, the child would transform garbage bags into parachutes for his G.I. Joe action figures. He’d take them to school and see how far they could fly.

One day, his toy caught the right gust at the right moment and it soared so high it never came down, at least not where the kids could find it.

That is where it all began.

Now, Richard has skydived more than 7,000 times and B.A.S.E. jumped an estimated 2,000 times.

B.A.S.E. stands for Buildings Aerials Spans and Earth.  B.A.S.E. jumpers leap from fixed objects and use a parachute to break their fall.

Moabis one of the world’s top places for B.A.S.E. jumping with hundreds of jumpable cliffs, Richard said.

He’s been here since 2000 when he came with a company fromFloridathat makes B.A.S.E. gear.

Now, with 20 years of B.A.S.E. jumping experience, Richard and his wife, Steph Davis, have started Moab B.A.S.E. Adventures.

The time is right, they said, as the momentum for B.A.S.E. jumping has been building.

“It’s only the beginning,” Richard said.

The company offers a variety of services:

  1. Base guiding – For experienced B.A.S.E. cliff jumpers, who need a guide to the best ofMoab’s more than 100 exit points.
  2. First Cliff Camp – For those who have jumped from buildings, bridges or other objects but not yet a cliff. Focus will be on how to jump safely by evaluating weather conditions and other factors.
  3. Rock climbing – With a focus on tower and crack climbing.Davisis an expert at climbing rocks using cracks in the rock for hand and footholds. She is available for private lessons and will hold occasional clinics. The first will be in September.
  4. Stunt and production work – site scouting and analysis, technical rigging, safety, B.A.S.E. jumping, aerial shooting and more.

The biggest service Richard and Davis will offer, though, is tandem cliff jumping. Like tandem skydiving, hang gliding or other sports done in the air, tandem cliff jumping is what it sounds. Adventure seekers will jump while strapped to Richard, who will operate the necessary gear.

Moab B.A.S.E. Adventures is the only outfitter in the world to offer tandem cliff jumping,Davissaid.

Tandem jumping is open to folks with no B.A.S.E. jumping experience.

“It’s a special thing,”Davissaid. “You can run, you can climb, you can swim, you can hike. But you can’t fly, unless you do this. It’s amazing as a human to go in the air like that.”

Prices range from $400 to $600. The company supplies all the gear.

For more information, visit or e-mail