Bike Swap and Rodeo

More than 40 children got new bikes, thanks to the Moab Bike Swap and Rodeo on April 21.

Held at Helen M. Knight Elementary School, the bike swap and rodeo featured a clinic on how to change a flat tire, bike tune-ups, free helmets and even free bikes.

But 20 kids who said they needed a bike didn’t get one. So organizers are looking for donations of bikes for older children – those in the upper elementary grades or middle school.

Volunteers will pick up the bikes.

“Everyone has random bikes in their garage that aren’t worth selling, so the idea was to redistribute them around town and get kids riding them,” said Ashley Korenblat, the event’s organizer. “I wanted to see how many kids out there need a bike. The answer is: a lot.”

It’s not uncommon for a child to stop riding his bike after he gets a flat tire, Korenblat said, especially if Mom or Dad aren’t into cycling and don’t know how to change a tire.

Volunteers at the bike swap “slimed” 164 tires, tuned up 57 bikes and gave away the 44 bikes that had been donated for the event. They also gave away 67 helmets. About 150 people came to the event, which had been advertised with fliers sent home through HMK. The elementary school’s community council organized the event.

To donate a bike, contact Ashley Korenblat at 435-259-8732 or