Helen M. Knight Elementary Science Fair

Front row, from left: Ryan Reed, Kahlan McElhaney, Auburn Jackman, Kai Wainer, Caden Kirks, Braxton Pierce, Preston Barlow and Ethan Cornelius.

Back row, from left: Josie Wakefield, Simon Rutherford, Trayken Robertson, Annie Kopell, Cameron Hoppenstendt, Morgan Hackney, John Goheen, Mary Kimmerlee, Aspen Darcy and Katie Wierderhold.

Photo courtesy Gail Wakefield

The HMK Science Fair was held on April 18 at Helen M. Knight Elementary – 132 students in grades 4 through 6 took part.

Community members served as judges. They looked at the projects and then met with the students individually, so the students could explain their projects.    

These are the winners: Auburn Jackman, 5th grade, with a research report and experiment on sun exposure; Kahlan McElhaney, 5th grade, an experiment on hydroponics in the desert; Kai Wainer, 5th grade, an experiment with airplanes; Ryan Reed, 6th grade, experiment with pennies; Ethan Cornelius, 5th grade, experiment with turbines; Braxton Pierce and Preston Barlow both in 5th grade, with an experiment on what gets dirtier.

Honorable Mention awards were given to: John Goheen, 5th grade, for a research paper on tree life; Aspen Darcy, 5th grade, an observation on backyard chickens; Cameron Hoppenstendt and Annie Kopell, both 5th grade, an experiment with electric produce; Josie Wakefield, 4th grade, an observation of rocket angles; Morgan Hackney, 6th grade, an experiment with movie munchies; Katie Wiederhold, 4th grade, experiment with crystals; Simon Rutherford, 4th grade, experiment with a solar oven; Trayken Robertson, 5th grade, an experiment on what fruit ruins Jello; and Mary Kimmerlee, 5th grade, an experiment on full fat vs. low fat.

“It was a great science fair,” said organizer Gail Wakefield. “The kids put forth a lot of effort to come up with good projects. A big thanks goes out to all the parents who helped their children accomplish these projects, and to the teachers and staff at HMK that encouraged and supported them. Also, a big thanks to the judges that took time out of their day to critique the projects and give great feedback to the kids. We hope this will encourage our students to continue to love science and love learning.”